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logo_honv_konf_vegleges.jpgWelcome to the Global Supply Chain Standards & solutions in the practice of the National Defence of the Visegrad (V4) Countries Project Website!

The project aims to share the information in the framework of a thematic international conference and in a related publication the methods and extent of civilian global supply chain standards & solutions already operating in the defence procurement and supply processes of V4 and other major countries in line with the principles of NATO’s National Codification System, promoting opportunities for national suppliers to join the effort to establish the V4 countries’ common defence system.

visegrad_fund_logo_blue.jpgThe project is based mainly on scientific exchange and mainly financed by the International Visegrad Fund within the scheme of Standard Grants and co-financed by project co-organizer GS1 Hungary Nonprofit Ltd and Project coordinator the National University of Public Service as well as three partner institutes and universities from Visegrad countries. The project is being conducted in the years of 2015 and 2016. The volume of International Visegrad Fund support is EUR 11,000.

We do hope that the results of the project can be used to the exchange of experience and knowledge of international best practices benefit the governmental/non-governmental organizations, the professional and research organizations involved in military logistics of the joint defence planning cooperation and common security vision of the V4 countries. The civil business operators, manufacturers, services and solutions providers who are involved in the defence supply tasks and/or become affected in the V4 joint military supply processes can obtain new important information on the developments and anticipated expectations and have an opportunity for direct networking. The students interested in international military logistics also can get a comprehensive overview of new knowledge and innovation trends.


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